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Library Research Instruction

The goal of library instruction is for students' research skills to improve upon completion of instruction and active learning. Once they have internalized the material taught, outcomes assessment will be administered to students in order to indicate measured gains in specific areas of learning.

Librarians provide:

  • Instruction on information literacy (we use the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy to structure our instruction)
  • Discipline-specific research methods
  • Instruction on how to use library resources
  • Learning assessment
  • A dedicated classroom in the library for your use during this session

Instructor's role:

  • Update syllabi to include library instruction where appropriate
  • Communicate faculty support of library use to students and direct them to librarians
  • Require active learning session(s)
  • Interact with library instruction so students see your commitment to information literacy

When to schedule

The best time for a library session is after a research assignment has been assigned and students have chosen their topics. Students are more likely to be motivated to learn about research resources at the point of need.

Please request a session early in the semester to reserve your preferred date(s) using the instruction request form. It may not be possible, depending on scheduling, to meet requests submitted less than two weeks before the class session.

A face-to-face library instruction session will be most useful when students bring their own laptops so they can actively reinforce their learning through hands-on practice (searching databases, etc.).

There is no charge for the librarian to work with your class.

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