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Scores, CDs, audio cassettes and vinyl records are found in the 780s of the Media/Music Library on the upper level.

Sacred Scores
There is a special collection of Sacred Scores which consist of arrangements and original compositions appropriate for church worship services and special occasions such as weddings and holidays. These scores are identifiable by a blue dot on the spine of the score. A search in the online catalog may be narrowed to search only amongst the sacred scores.

The Music Library houses a small but growing number of jazz recordings and scores including jazz and blues method books for various instruments.

Ethnic Music
Our ethnomusicology collection of music from around the world supports the Intro to World Music course required for most music majors. Many international students and others interested in the music of different cultures or planning a missions trip to another part of the world take advantage of this collection as well. Some of the countries and cultures represented include: Israel, Bulgaria, China, Japan, South America, Tibet, India, Africa, Polynesia, Micronesia and more.

Moody Ensembles
Look for recordings of the Moody Bible Institute music groups in CD, LP and cassette format. Listen to an assortment of Moody group recordings from the 1960's to the present. CDs, audio cassettes and records may be listened to in the Media Lab next door to the Media/Music Library.

Books about music are located on the lower level of the library in the 780s.

Hymnals from many denominations and traditions, many of which date all the way back to the early 1800's, are found shelved in the lower level of the main library under the call number 782.27.


Located in the 780s of the Reference section and contains music dictionaries, encyclopedias, reference hymns and more.


Music periodicals are located in alphabetical order by title in the Periodicals section.


If your professor has put materials on reserve, ask the circulation desk for the items you need. Books and scores are available for 3-hour checkout. CDs are available for 3-hour checkout, but may only be used in the library.

Key Databases for Music Students

  • Oxford Music Online (Grove Music Online) 
    Oxford Music Online is an integrated music resource on the web, including the full text of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (2nd edition), The New Grove Dictionary of Opera and The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz (2nd edition), The Oxford Dictionary of Music, and The Oxford Companion to Music. OMO is regularly updated to ensure it remains the most up-to-date music reference work on the internet. (full text and index)

  • Music-in-Print
    Provides one place to look for most published music in both instrumental as well as choral collections. Provides publisher information, including ISBNs, publication/copyright dates and external links to vendors.

  • Music Online: Classical Scores Library
    Classical Scores Library, Volumes I, II and III serve as an integral resource for music students and faculty, encompassing all major classical musical genres and time periods from medieval to contemporary, for the study and analysis of more than 45,000 musical scores.

  • Naxos Music Library
    An online listening library containing over 35,000 CD's and over 500,000 tracks of music.

  • Academic Search Complete 
    Large multi-disciplinary database that provides full text for nearly 9,000 journals, 7,800 of which are peer-reviewed. There are 169 music-related publications. (full text, abstracts and index)

    JSTOR offers music researchers the ability to retrieve high-resolution, scanned images from over 700 music-related publications.

  • More Music-Related Databases
    These and other useful databases can be accessed from the library's database finder page. Select your campus and then select "Music" as a sub-topic. For assistance, contact the library, click on the help pages on each individual database, or visit our database tutorial.




The Well-Tempered Clavier series by Bach  

This site has animations, a moving timeline of the music, explanations behind the music and a diagram outlining the various voices, melodies and countermelodies.  Contains all 24 pieces from Book 1 and several pieces from Book 2.  

(Requires Adobe Shockwave Player 11 to run)


West African Drumming

Interactive site with information, sound and video demonstrations of a style of African drumming from the Ewe-speaking people of Ghana. Allows you to play the instrument using the click of the mouse. Rhythmic notations for each instrument in the ensemble.


Music Theory Practice Exercises

This is a very interesting site with interactive exercises for basic theory, from note recognition to key signatures and chords.

Java needs your permission to run


Teoria Music Exercises

Tons of interactive music exercises, including ear training, chord construction, interval training, and much more. Also includes tutorials on various music topics.


The Original Online Ear Trainer   

Plays an interval audibly and the student must choose the correct interval from the list.

(Java needs your permission to run)


MusiPedia: The Open Music Encyclopedia

Search for melodies, tunes, even whistle your tune into the computer and it will attempt to search for it for you.


Broadway Musical Home: For voice majors searching for scores and recordings to Broadway musicals.

Oberlin Song Index

Neue Mozart-Ausgabe: Mozart reference scores are now available in online format!

International Music Score Library Project: Public domain music scores are available on IMSLP.

Classics Online

Music Research - Oxford University Press

Music Library Association on Music Copyright Laws

National Jukebox


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