CurLab and Juvenile Policies

Checking Out Materials

Curriculum Lab items with a yellow sticker next to the barcode may be checked out for a 3-day periodBooks in the reference section of Curriculum Lab may be checked out for one day. Juvenile books and pamphlets may be checked out for 3 weeks and Juvenile media items with a purple sticker may be checked out for 1 week.

Copying Materials

Many items include reproducible pages to use in teaching and church ministries. Please check the back of the title page for copyright restrictions before making photocopies.


Curriculum Lab and Juvenile videos, CDs, cassettes and records may be taken to the Media Lab for viewing and listening.

Finding and Returning Materials

All materials used in the Lab are to be returned to the book truck in the laboratory after they are used. The library staff will return them to the shelves or files. If you are unable to locate materials when reference support is not available in the Curriculum Lab, please refer questions to circulation desk.

Free Materials

Periodically, students and faculty may obtain materials that have been removed from the lab. These materials will be placed on the Free Materials shelves on the lower level of the library. The bottom right-hand drawer of the oversize cabinet in the Curriculum Lab also contains a smaller selection of free magazines and education journals, mainly for cutting out pictures for classroom projects.


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